Arizona is one of the best states in the country for school choices

Did you know that Arizona is one of the best states in the country for school choice? In fact, Arizona School Choice was created to assist parents in navigating through the many educational opportunities for their children as they make their way through grade school and beyond. 


Education Options in Arizona


Arizona Open Enrollment Policy

Arizona has an open enrollment policy. This means that state law permits any student the opportunity to apply to any public school of choice based on available classroom space. 


Arizona Online Instruction

Arizona Online Instruction was created to meet the needs of students in the information age. Learning opportunities and platforms range from computer-assisted learning to virtual classrooms to meet each pupil’s unique needs. 


Charter Schools in Arizona

Charter schools were created in order to provide additional learning options. These are tuition-free public schools established to improve student achievement.  


Homeschooling in Arizona

Since the mid-1980s, homeschooling has legally existed in its present form in the state of Arizona. State law also allows homeschoolers to be permitted in interscholastic activities. Additionally, homeschooled students are readily welcomed at Arizona’s colleges and universities.


Higher Learning in Phoenix, Arizona


Within the Phoenix city limits, there are 19 post-secondary institutions. The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is the hub for the prestigious career choice of architecture. In addition, there are several for-profit and religious institutions and two-year institutions. This includes Phoenix College, the oldest community college in Arizona and also one of the oldest in the nation. 


It is worth mentioning that there are also three private, non-profit institutions for undergraduate students in Phoenix. These institutions include Arizona Christian University, Ottawa University, and Grand Canyon University. Finally, for religious studies, there is The Fuller Theological Seminary, Phoenix Seminary, and the Assemblies of God Bible College.


Phoenix’s other for-profit institutions include Chamberlain College of Nursing, Argosy University, the Art Institute of Phoenix, College America, Carrington College, Devry College, Brookline College, and the headquarters of the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix boasts of being the largest for-profit network in the country. The largest higher education institution in the area, Arizona State University, has two campuses in the capital city!  


Not only is Arizona pro parental choice when it comes to schooling, but the state is very supportive of allowing diverse options so that each child receives a quality education that is meaningful and uniquely supportive of their needs. The Phoenix area carries on this tradition with its many post-secondary choices to meet the growing demand for specialization in today’s job market.

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