Visit The Musical Instrument Museum

The biggest musical instrument museum in the world is located right here in Phoenix, Arizona! The Musical Instrument Museum was opened in 2010. Currently, it houses over 15,000 musical instruments representing nearly 200 countries.


Visiting The Musical Instrument Museum

There are multiple displays from various countries, including Mexico, the United States, Brazil, and China, containing multiple sections for ethnic and tribal music. Each exhibit area features local musicians performing music on native instruments on flat-screen TVs. Visitors can also listen to the performances through headphones that are activated when an exhibit is being viewed. For example, such rarities include an antique charter horn, a foot-operated drum kit, and a child’s vessel flute from the Europe gallery. And the Appalachian dulcimer, sousaphone, ukulele, and electric guitar from the American Gallery. Special exhibits focusing on American musical-instrument manufacturers are also available for viewing, including Fender, Martin, and Steinway.


In the Artist Gallery, visitors can see instruments, photographs, video concert footage, performers’ outfits, and other items tied to musicians and music innovators. There are exhibits for artists such as John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, and others from around the globe.


Visitors to the Mechanical Music Gallery are treated to musical instruments that play themselves, including player pianos, mechanical zithers, and cylinder music boxes.


In the Experience Gallery, visitors can listen, touch, and play various instruments from other cultures. This includes percussion, drums, harps, and guitars.


The Target Gallery houses unique special engagements, traveling shows, and seasonally changing exhibitions.


Viewed through a large window, the Conservation Lab gives guests a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the museum’s collection, maintenance, and preservation.


The Musical Instrument Museum contains a 299-seat theater for intimate concerts. Musicians that have appeared at the Musical Instrument Museum include Lyle Lovette, Martha Reeves, George Benson, Jordin Sparks, Wanda Jackson, and Ronnie Spector.


Café Allegro is an eclectic restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. The cafe features global cuisine as well as local and regional dishes. Freshly made soups, grilled specialties, and desserts are also part of the menu.


No visit is complete without a stop in the Museum Store. The store is open daily and features gift cards, books, CDs, handmade gifts, instruments along with other music memorabilia for sale.


Other destinations near the Musical Instrument Museum

Once you’ve had your fill of the museum, there’s still more to do in the area! Check out nearby Butterfly Wonderland, Arizona Boardwalk, Castles N’ Coasters, or Arizona Falls!

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