Why Relocate to Arizona

It’s no coincidence that Arizona is one of the ten fastest-growing states in the United States!  Not only is it the home of the world-famous Grand Canyon National Park, but there are many other benefits to count!  Here are a few!


  1. Cost of Living

Arizona has a low cost of living in relation to the rest of the country, making it one of the best places to live in the United States!


  1. Sunshine

At an average of 320 plus days of sunshine each year, if you enjoy the sun and hot weather, Arizona is the perfect state for you!  The state capital, Phoenix,  has more sunny days than any other metropolitan area in the country.   


  1. Phoenix, Arizona

Speaking of Phoenix, it’s the fifth most populous city in the nation and the largest state capital by population numbers!  


  1. Job Growth

Arizona’s thriving job market ranks third in the country for job growth.  Top employment opportunities are trade, transportation, utilities, government, education and health services, leisure and hospitality, and technology and financial services.


  1. Outdoor activities

The abundant sunshine and desert terrain make it the perfect place for outdoor activities.  Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, boating, water sports, and horseback riding.  You’ll be inspired by Arizona’s natural beauty and beautiful sunsets. 


  1. Driving 

Convenient highways throughout the state provide quick access to your intended destination without traffic congestion.  In addition, many towns have well-planned road grids that make it a snap to figure out where you are going.  


  1. Sports, sports, and more sports

Phoenix, Arizona, is one of twelve US cities with sports teams in all four major professional sports leagues!  In addition to basketball, football, hockey, and baseball, there are more than 200 golf courses! 


  1. The Grand Canyon

Considered one of the wonders of the modern world, Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon.  The breathtaking natural spectacle is Arizona’s most famous tourist stop.  It is visited by around five million people every year.


  1. Retirees

The year-round sunny weather and pristine air make Arizona a great place to retire.  In addition, the hot and dry weather is ideal for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses.  The state also draws active senior citizens.  


  1. Wine

Arizona has three major regions of vineyards and wineries.  

That makes for a total of more than 110 vineyards, wineries, and cellars statewide!


So just looking at these reasons to move to this great state should have you packing your bags and calling a realtor to help you relocate!   

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